What is the Grinberg Method?

The Grinberg Method is a way of teaching through the body, using touch, breath, movement and techniques that raise our ability to pay attention to our own body and our state of wellbeing.

The aim is to become aware of limiting movements, beliefs and behaviours we made ours, learn how to stop them and make space for a more authentic self.

I offer sessions of the Grinberg Method in Palma de Mallorca.

How does it work?

We work together in individual sessions.

Your first session:

During the first session we take time to assess your present situation and we define your aim to improve your wellbeing. That is the base of our work together. I do a foot analysis while we define your aim, in order to capture your body/mind/emotional present situation.

Foot analysis Grinberg Method - Alessandra Silvestrini

After this you’ll lie on the table and I’ll work on you using different types of touch. The work may seem similar to a massage, I work on different parts of your body, from the feet or on the areas that cause you the biggest tension and pain in daily life.

The sessions after:

You update me about what happened since the session we had before and I’ll work on your body in order to reach your aim.

In order to see changes you will need 4-8 sessions, although already after the first sessions client claim to feel deeply relaxed.

Working through the body is very concrete and focused on results. And I can tell you out of my own experience: It’s amazingly powerful.

What can be achieved?

Whatever we experience - whether we like it or not, admit it or not - our body reacts to it.

We learn through the body to:

  • Release tensions and be more energetic throughout the day
  • Recognize and stop thoughts, habits and routines that hold us back from living a fulfilled life
  • Deal with pain and fear so they doesn’t limit us
  • Gain more personal freedom to choose who and how to be in given situations without losing our control and temper

This might sound too good to be true. However, what holds us back from having less tension in the body or being fulfilled in our daily life is often a combination of movement, attitudes and beliefs that can be released.

Where do I work?

More about my workspace coming soon.


An individual session of the Grinberg Method is 75€.

My favourite are the packages though.

Would you like to commit for one or two month in order to free up your body from a condition or to find a solution to a physical/emotional/psychological symptom? I offer individual packages of 4 sessions at 200€ and 8 sessions at 380€. Yes I want one!

For the combi-package yoga and Grinberg Method please scroll down.

Similarities to yoga

The results and ultimate goal of the Grinberg Method are very similar to those of a genuine yoga practice.

The approaches are completely different and complementary:

  • during the yoga practice one is alone on a yoga mat. The practice consists in lengthening and creating space through the stiff, painful parts and limits of one’s own body standing, sitting, lying or standing upside down along an asanas sequence.
  • during a session of the Grinberg Method the client lies on the massage table. The practitioner helps releasing and giving freedom to the tense and painful areas of the body while the client learns the “where - when and how” imbalances are created.

Get in touch with me and book an appointment.

The combi-package! Yoga classes and sessions of the Grinberg Method

Feel like a new person: combine yoga and the Grinberg Method for a month (or a life!) of active body work. ;)

You’d like to…
… get rid of that low back pain?
… lower down the stress levels of your body?
… free your body up from tensions and feel it more actively?

Packages for 4 weeks, 8 weeks (or tailored to your needs) available upon request.

Yes I need it!

Treatment room Grinberg method Alessandra Silvestrini