About me

I work as yoga instructor and practitioner of the Grinberg Method. I am passionate about teaching people how daily life and stress situations may negatively influence our wellbeing through wrong posture and accumulate tensions in specific areas of the body. With awareness and guidance we can recognise how we hold the body and how to break free from limiting body/mind patterns.

How did I discover yoga?

In 2009 my French housemate took me to the first yoga class of my life. I wanted to keep on sleeping, but she swore yoga would be good for me. Wise woman!

I began practicing Sivananda yoga and – since at the time I was living in South-East Asia I started exploring the Buddhist meditation.

It became natural to integrate yoga and meditation in my daily life. Not quite believing yet what was happening to me I ofter surprised myself practicing yoga under our banana tree at 6am. I was progressively realising how important it is to go back to the body and breath awareness on a daily base.

3 years after I quit my job in order to deepen my yoga practice. I spent 6 months in an ashram in Germany and the following years collecting experience as yoga instructor between India, Bali and Malaysia.

…And the Grinberg Method?

6 years later the wise French woman introduced me to the Grinberg method. In 2016 I enrolled in a 3-years-study of the Grinberg Method taught from its founder and developer, Avi Grinberg. I finished it in 2019.

What was I doing before?

I lived, studied and worked in 8 different countries working e.g. as researcher for the European Commission, for the development cooperation in Laos and for an American multinational in Germany.

And then the more or less sudden “U turn”.