Yoga classes

Alessandra is an amazing Yoga instructor. You can feel that she loves what she´s doing.

Not matter if beginner or advanced, she supports everyone to stretch their body as much as possible an feel amazing after the session.

It was a pleasure to practice Yoga with her!


The Grinberg Method

It is difficult to explain what happens during one hour on the table but it is a beautiful way to connect body and mind, bring back situations that happened many years ago and still feel them like it was yesterday, sometimes I get surprised that one tear comes out because of something that happened many many years ago. It is an ongoing surprise of how my body, my mind, my past affect how I am today and the ways it can change.


Grinberg Method

It was not only a physical treatment to diminish my back pain but also a self discovery journey to learn how to listen to my needs and to clear signals the body sends me. A journey I definitely want to continue and that I recommend to everybody.


Grinberg Method

I I feel when something is too much and I cannot be silent anymore, I feel when I contract my face to the centre during a normal work day and try to relax it, I felt I need to move more and I workout every day. It is a process of discovery of new abilities of myself I didn’t know were there available in me. It also helps staying less stressed in everyday life.


Testimonial on the Grinberg Method

I started with pain in my foot and with guidance I ended up becoming more aware of how shallow I breathe and how I hold my face while someone touches me. The pain in my foot keeps coming back but I am more aware of how I stand, walk and breathe.


4 sessions of the Grinberg Method

I went for a physical problem and Alessandra mentioned that the problem was not physical but in my I daily behaviour. It was an instant shift of perspective in the room, in my mind and in my private life. I am definitely going to continue and see where this process is taking me.


About the Grinberg Method with Ale

It is a matter of self healing that, with the help of the practitioner, works on body perceptions and acts on insights and feelings. It is a process that starts from your body and can affect your life and your behaves.


About a few sessions of the Grinberg Method

Every treatment was different and involved all layers of the body: muscles, energy channels and emotions. Sometime the digital pressure was extremely painful but I feel that with the deep breath I’ve learnt since the first time, I could eliminate pain and restore the equilibrium. Once, I don’t know what happened, after a general and hard massage (foot, back, arms), I felt lots of energy. My body was shaken by trembles and muscular tensions, at every breath the feet rotate inward and a sort of yowl was accompanied by breath. It was a long sensation and also Alessandra had the same feeling, there was a kind of invisible communication, it was without control, also we laughed noisily and I felt free to enjoy all those strange but beautiful sensations.


Testimonial about the Grinberg Method

It is a technique that deals with the interconnections in the body, first your feet are analysed and then there is all kinds of different touches, on head, shoulders, or belly for example. They go from very gentle to almost painful, and tensions are released


The Grinberg Method

I started very skeptical and with my usual low back pain. After 2 sessions the pain disappeared. After a few days I had pain in my forearm and I was again skeptical and after one session it disappeared. I cannot explain why with my knowledge but it works and it was a pleasure to find someone .



Relax and Disconnect!

Ale introduced with passion all her yoga lessons with deep breath over the beach of Sardinia. It allows your body to fully stretch, with kind moves and excellent support!

It was an amazing experience and a chance to practice with Ale. Will be back!

Fanny Boulloud

Metodo Grinberg

As soon as I notice the pain behind my shoulderblade or my right hand tapping I notice I am in stress, I am thinking too much or something is bothering me and I relax my right shoulder. I also allow to get angry more than before starting the work. I stopped to procrastinate and being confused about what to do next and made a focused work and study programme to get the job I want. I passed an exam which I was postponing before and I am now looking for a work that fulfills me and doesn’t create frustration.

It is a process that brings to the knowledge one’s own body and its reactions to external and inner stimuli. It is an intense process that works on the emotions and body to loosen up physical and emotional tensions and reach a relaxation that is usable in everyday life.